If we don't do anything, they WILL be Killed! Please Help Us, Help Afghanistan!

If we don't do anything, they WILL be Killed! Please Help Us, Help Afghanistan! - Nine Line Apparel

As the situation on the ground continues to deteriorate in Taliban-held Afghanistan, thousands of Afghan interpreters and their families who assisted U.S. troops over the past two decades are at risk of being tortured, maimed, or murdered by the Taliban.

Their families and children face the same fate or worse as young girls are being married off as child brides to these monsters.

As the Biden administration continues to mismanage and turn his back on our allies, outside organizations and private citizens are answering the call to help our Afghan allies escape to safety where our commander in chief has failed.

We at Nine Line are working directly with NGOs to evacuate Americans, Green Card Holders, and SIVs & their families before the August 31st deadline.  A 'Nine Line' is a distress call, a call for help in the battlefield and that is exactly what these vulnerable Afghans are crying out for.

As a veteran of this war myself, this is personal and I will do whatever I can to help these brave Afghans who dared to partner with the U.S. to build a more free and prosperous nation for their children and grandchildren. We simply cannot leave them behind. Doing so would be a stain on our reputation in the world.

We have less than 48 hours remaining.

For those who want to support these efforts, please visit ⬇️


  • Carla

    Don’t need a shirt but want to help. Please let us know how $$ we can help.

  • Daniel

    I have alot of your shirts, let me know how to help and where to donate.

  • Brandon

    Don’t need any t-shirts. Just want to help.

  • Sean Smith

    I want to help. I don’t need the t-shirt. Can you tell me how I can donate directly?

  • Lori

    Just want to help. Don’t need tshirt. Just tell me how to donate without purchasing. Ty. God bless for your all your hard work.

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