Watch: Bloomberg says he “bought” 20 members of Congress; struggles to get foot out of mouth

Watch: Bloomberg says he “bought” 20 members of Congress; struggles to get foot out of mouth - Nine Line Apparel

 Bloomberg debating democratic debateIt just shows you how our culture and electoral process has changed, that we don’t watch presidential debates to learn about the candidates’ positions, but rather to see who is going to screw up the most. Or who can take the most verbal punches and still keep swinging back.

We already know their positions anyway. Democrats want to give free stuff to everyone, open the borders, get rid of the Second Amendment, eliminate plastic straws and punish rich people.

Which is why it’s so deliciously ironic that they have not one but TWO billionaires right now wanting to be president. You might be forgiven for not knowing who the second one is— that would be Tom Steyer, for whom only about 2 percent of Americans would choose (on a good day) as their candidate.

Of course, the other billionaire is Michael “Mini Mike” Bloomberg who had the most awesome gaffe during this week’s presidential playground fight debate in South Carolina.

Ah, the magic of live television.

In an attempt to brag about his influence in Washington, Bloomberg apparently started to say he “bought” the Congress that impeached President Trump with $100 million in campaign support for Democrat candidates. Here's the full transcript:

“Let’s just go on the record. They talk about 40 Democrats. Twenty-one of those are people that I spent a hundred million dollars to help elect. All of the new Democrats that came in and put Nancy Pelosi in charge and gave the Congress the ability to control this president, I bough — I, I got them.”

Got them…what? Got them in?

You can almost see his entire campaign flash before his eyes in the milliseconds before his course correction.



Of course, bragging about how much money you have on a stage with a bunch of socialists isn’t maybe the best idea? For the record, the net worth of Mayor Pete is estimated to be just $100,000.

The scary thing is, Bloomberg could conceivably buy his way into the Oval Office.


One of the things that was appealing about Donald Trump as a candidate was the feeling he couldn’t be bought. He was (and still is) a billionaire. On a much smaller scale of course. Only about $3 billion.

In Bloomberg’s case, he can’t be bought either. But he can buy EVERYONE ELSE. Are we the only ones who find that a bit disturbing?


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  • Charlie

    200 million people 200,000 each? I think you’re going to need a few more zeros on the end of those billions

  • Carl Gregory

    Doug a great job !

  • Mike

    That’s terrible math you have in your article here. If he gave 200 million people 200 thousand that would be 40 trillion. He is obnoxiously rich but not a trillionaire.

  • KArl

    Your math is very wrong

  • Spencer

    Your math is WAY off in this article. $40B could give 200M voters $200, not $200k. Two hundred bucks…. kind of nullifies your point there.

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