Yes really: You can help a child by drinking a Martini...

Yes really: You can help a child by drinking a Martini... - Nine Line Apparel

Yes really: You can help a child by drinking a Martini.

Who else but veterans would figure out how to do good deeds while having a cocktail, right?

We hope you’ll join us on Veterans Day, Thursday, November 11th, from 7pm-10pm, at the Chocolate Martini Bar in Pooler, for “Martinis with a Purpose.” Enjoy cocktails, food and entertainment while helping to ensure local disadvantaged kids have a Merry Christmas.

This ain’t your normal toy drive, that’s for sure.

Nine Line Apparel and Chocolate Martini Bar are teaming up to provide not just toys, but clothing and shoes to school students in our community in need.

Nisha Giustino, Veteran & HR Director of Nine Line Apparel said, “I have been supporting disadvantaged children in Savannah and Jacksonville, Florida for over 10 years. Last year, I realized a lot of shelters that house children receive a lot of support, especially during the holidays. Shelters are an easy target for anyone who wants to donate. Don’t get me wrong — this is a great problem to have, but my mission is to reach the kids that have no one to advocate for them.”

This year Nisha decided to expand her support and reach out to as many school counselors as possible in Savannah, Chatham, and surrounding school districts. She asked school counselors to identify kids who could really use the support, and then receives each child’s clothing size and Christmas wish list. For most of these kids, it will be the only gifts they receive this year.

Nisha realized she’d need more awareness, support and resources to make this larger initiative a success, so she contacted fellow veteran, Maurice Gillard, owner of the wildly successful Chocolate Martini Bar, recently voted one of the hottest up and coming restaurants in Pooler. Gillard is also the board president and co-founder of Gilliard and Company, a non-profit 501c3 organization whose simple mission is “meeting the needs of foster care.” 

Once Nisha contacted Maurice, he knew it was a great fit. “The decision to help was a no brainer for my partners and me. We understand the challenge of grassroots fundraising for a charity, and this is an amazing initiative. It’s our duty to ensure we support our community as much as our community supports us, and it’s an honor to host this event as proud members of the community.”

We hope you’ll join us for Martinis with a Purpose. Tickets are $50 and include 2 martinis, appetizers, door prizes, and as Nisha says, "a shit load of silent auction prizes."

All proceeds from the event will blah blah already know :)

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