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Blue Ridge Safehouse


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    Blue Ridge Safehouse was founded by Greg Peterman in order to help active duty Green Berets and their families reconnect post deployment. Green Berets are given all the tools they need to deploy and destroy evil, but they are not very well equipped to return to family life within 36 hours of leaving the battlefield. BRS facilitates the process of reintegration to the family by providing an amazing weekend of fun filled family adventures. Everything is either donated or paid for by BRS and the family only has to focus on making memories together. Everything is based off of Greg’s own experience as a Green Beret in the 5th Special Forces Group. He served 21 years in special operations and deployed 7 times to Afghanistan and Iraq. He learned from his own failures at being a father, husband, and family man; making it his mission to reduce the divorce rate, suicide rate, and domestic violence rate of Green Beret families. Show your support for this amazing organization with our newest Limited Edition before this design is gone forever! To learn more about this organization, visit their Website

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