Hey, I’m Jay. Also known as Drunk3po.

As I’ve traveled the world and shared my experience with others every step of the way, a powerful community of people has rallied around me. People who would walk through fire for freedom and who dare to think for themselves, uncensored and unafraid. Whether we’re talking all-things pop culture, politics, exploration, or anything in-between…rebellion is in our blood. And we’re writing our own stories.

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    Hoodie - DTOM Rebellion
    Hoodie - DTOM Rebellion

    Hoodie - DTOM Rebellion

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    Some of us need to Rebel… from our fears, our doubts, and from the lies we believe about ourselves. Welcome to the Rebellion Podcast, where Jay talks to ordinary people who are doing extraordinary things because they made the choice to Rebel! Grab this design and join countless others who have broken free from their shells!

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