Fight The War Within Skull

    Miranda Briggs founded the Fight the War Within Memorial Foundation in 2020 two years after the loss of her husband SPC Garrett Briggs, USA (Ret.), to the 22 a Day veteran suicide epidemic. Although devastated by the loss of her love, Miranda overcame the tragedy and turned her grief into a call to action, to save others from the same fate as Garrett - because you’re NOT alone, so fight on warriors because YOU MATTER.

    The @Fight_The_War_Within is a non-profit movement that fights hard in supporting and saving those suffering from PTSD, as a result of their military or first responder service. Through the purchase of this limited-time design, you are instantly benefiting the cause. A cause that provides support for people from all walks of life and their families, who are struggling and in need of mental health resources to fight internal battles.

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