Vinyl Decal - Stomp


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Across the country, people are expressing their dissatisfaction with our society and government by desecrating the flag. This blatant dyslectic of Old Glory is something that we at Nine Line cannot tolerate. This is the flag of our nation, a flag that has been carried into battle, that has been lain over a coffin, and folded to be given to a mother, father, wife, child. It is a symbol of our independence, our freedoms, and out greatest sacrifices. Show everyone that you do not tolerate the desecration of our flag with this decal.


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Customer Reviews

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Defective Product

I don’t understand the concept of this product whatsoever! How is the person who stomps on our Flag supposed to read this sticker from their bed in the Intensive Care Unit? Back to the drawing board boys and keep up the great work!


love this decal and in the area I live in it is a predominately liberal and anti gun city this decal makes people a little mad which I why I put it on there Keep up the good work
and for the ones that have served thank you for your service as I am an active duty soldier with over 22 years in now working on 23


Love this decal , and love the way it looks on my truck.. Not to mention the looks we get both good and bad, did a cross country trip recently hand people honking and giving thumbs up and then of course people mainly looking at their shoes because they are afraid of America I guess! Has a few bubbles in but not bad for two guys in the parking lot with a credit card on break! Love the products you guys put out and all you stand for!