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US Patriot Tactical is a veteran owned and operated supplier of goods and services to active duty military and law enforcement personnel. Over 70% of our team members are veterans from all 5 military branches and law enforcement agencies. USP is where customers turn for expert advice, top quality industry-proven products, and unsurpassed customer service. Nine Line is a part of the top quality product. Whether large bulk orders shipping to an overseas unit or a small purchase being picked up in-store, every customer is treated with the respect they have earned.


We Are Customer Service Experts. We Strive For Excellence. We Provide an Experience. It's All About the People. We Value Our Customers. We Value Our Community. We Value Our Associates. Values Nine Line Can Stand Behind and represent our products.


As America's Number One sportsman’s magazine, Field & Stream provides in-depth articles on hunting, fishing, outdoor adventure and conservation news. Each issue is packed with essential sports tips, detailed features on basic techniques, clear instructions and compelling photography. The magazine is not only entertaining, but also serves as a resource of vital information on the best sports gear, outdoor survival tips and travel locations. Field & Stream has offered the finest editorial standards for over 100 years, and is the go-to guide for the true outdoors man.

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