Tailgater 2.0

New and Improved Tailgater Hoodie


Tailgater HoodieS 

Just Launched

The Hoodie For Every Occasion!

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Amazing Value

Our new Raglan cut Tailgater Hoodies offer you the fit, feel, look, comfort and resourcefulness you’ve come to expect from quality outerwear. Gear up for Gameday Tailgates, Backyard BBQs, your Gym routine and more with the patented beverage holder front pocket and secure zippered kangaroo pockets. Versatile in use, never out of season and always in style!

Unmatched Quality

We aim to always raise the bar with each new apparel release; our Raglan Tailgater Hoodies have done just that and more. From holding your cold beverage to keeping you warm and your belongings secure, these hoodies have it all and do it all. Available in your favorite Nine Line designs, experience what a hoodie should always be with our brand new Raglan Tailgater Hoodies.

Kangaroo Pocket

Patented Tailgater Pocket. 

Zippered Pockets

Keep your items secured!

Raglan Cut

For the fit, feel and look you desire.

3 Panel Hood

Styled for comfort to take on the elements.

Printed in USA

Available in All Your Favorite Design Collections!

Designed and Printed by Veterans and Patriotic Americans. 

Features You WANT!

  • A Secure, Zippered Kangaroo Pocket!

  • THE Patented Beverage Holder Pocket!

  • A 3 Panel Hood for Comfort and Style!