American Made Mesh Back Hat with Drop Line

American Made Mesh Back Hat with Drop Line


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Made in America mesh hat w/ MOLLE panel; the most comfortable, quality hat for everyday wear. Tactical with mesh back that allows for breathable long term use along a light camo style with 9 Line drop hook & loop panel for your favorite patches. Patriotic with a snug and comfy fit that you'll enjoy wearing even in your sleep!


  • American Made
  • Comfortable mesh panel for moisture wicking
  • Adjustable back strap
  • 3" hook & loop panel for standard hook and loop patches
  • American flag embroidered on right side of hat

Nine Line is an American Clothing Company with American made Apparel and Accessories - Veteran Owned and Operated.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 25 reviews
QC, CS, Appearance

So I just got a blk mltcam and original mltcam versions of this hat for Christmas from my wife and sister. Supper stoked when I saw them.

Only problem was the mltcam one, the center stitch line as well as the loop panel had been placed slightly off center In Different directions. I tried bending the bill different ways, placing a state flag patch on it slightly off either direction. No joy.

So I reached out to the CS department around the night of the 25th. Next morning had a response. They asked for pictures, and within minutes of me sending those pictures, I had a txt and email with a gift card for the price of a hat plus enough for shipping and a bit left over. I was stunned. The response I got from Christina Mclaughlin the CS supervisor was “don’t need to send us the hat back, either keep it, give it to a homeless vet or donate it to a local VA.” Its now the 31st and I got the hat in the mail today. New one is nice, pattern is different from the last which I like. Same color. But haha again the loop field is slightly off. Nothing a good bill bend and patch adjusting can’t fix. And you know what I’m not even upset. Her response both speed wise and what I can do with the old hat. Enough for me to leave this review and come back for more gear. Keep it up. And maybe limit the spiked egg nog on the stitching floor a little bit next year.

My favorite

One of the better hats I bought because of the low profile,quality materials and excellent fit.
I would definitely recommend this hat to anyone .

James Canfield

Awesome hat love it

Big ol head

Im always debating whether to order hats because if my big head. This one fits like a Glove! Right out of packaging it was great and looks good too! A+!

Larry Kees
Great Hat

Love wearing my new OCP-style cap. Most importantly, Made in 'Murica!