Vinyl Decal - The Pledge


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The Pledge of Allegiance is one of the few things that we are taught from a young age and remember all of our lives. It is a testament to everything that our nation holds dear, a sacred vow of patriotism to defend our country and our countrymen. It is in the heart and soul of every American man, woman, and child. We stand by the Pledge in our everyday actions, in our reverence to our Flag, and in our steadfast determination to keep our country United and Indivisible...With Liberty and Justice for ALL.

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Long lasting

We applied this to the left rear window of my Suburban about 2 years ago & have had no issues with peeling or coming off. I am careful when handwashing & the husband did take it through the automatic car wash one time, but it survived. It gets lots of compliments. It definitely takes 2 people, time, & patience to apply, but it's definitely worth it! I do wish they had a reversed flag to put on the right side of the Suburban too.

Left and Right

Wish yall would make these both
Normal and reversed so i can have one on both sides of my jeep.
(Stars gotta be pointing forward)

Looks good, NOT easy to apply

I want to start by saying overall Im happy with how the decal turned out. That said, it was NOT easy to apply at all. Prepare to spend at least an hour meticulously peeling every letter off the carrier sheet, especially the little is. It is not as simple as it shows in the video. But if you are very patient, and maybe have a buddy help you, it went on there and looks good. I did get an extra free decal and the application card which was great. Thanks.

Great quaility Decal - Looks Fantanstic

Was hesitant to install on my own, watched the decal installation video a few times and was confident i could do it. Have someone give you a hand as I did and it went on perfect and under 40 minutes to install. Looks Fantastic and LOVE LOVE LOVE IT

Solid decal

For sure would recommend to anyone. It went on perfect with some time. Looks amazing. Could not be happier. It came with a sweet free coozie and a free little decal and and came 4 days early then the eta!