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Vinyl Decal - The Pledge


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    The Pledge of Allegiance is one of the few things that we are taught from a young age and remember all of our lives. It is a testament to everything that our nation holds dear, a sacred vow of patriotism to defend our country and our countrymen. It is in the heart and soul of every American man, woman, and child. We stand by the Pledge in our everyday actions, in our reverence to our Flag, and in our steadfast determination to keep our country United and Indivisible...With Liberty and Justice for ALL.


    Product Reviews


    1. Great looking decal, super hard to put on!

      This decal looks sharp! So cool and a great way to show your patriotism! So happy how this turned out. However, third time was the charm. The video instructions made this seem effortless, this was not the case. On my first one, the letters would NOT separate from the backing. In order to get the letters to transfer, I had to press so hard with the included tool, that the letters started to fold and rip. One call to customer service and I had another one on the way. The second one was in rough shape when it arrived. Again, customer service shined and sent me another (and included a shirt with the same decal on it). Third one was much better. It was made with a better transfer paper, but was still hard to separate. It took me about 2 hours to completely get the letters to transfer. After that, it went on pretty easy! Still happy with my overall experience. This company stands by their products and when you call you get an actual person! Good stuff. on 7th Sep 2017

    2. Eye catcher and statement maker

      Bought this decal few months back. Awesome. People ask where I got it all the time. Going down the road people will pass giving the thumbs up. Even had police officers pull up behind me and hit the siren with a thumbs up hanging out their windows. Great product on 4th Sep 2017

    3. Awesome!

      This decal is amazing. I get stopped in traffic all the time, stopped driving through the city, people beeping while driving by on the highway. I get asked at least once a week where I got it. Bought one for my truck and purchasing another for my new work trailer! on 26th Jul 2017

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