Biden states gun control “DOESN’T VIOLATE” 2nd Amendment because “no amendment is absolute”….

Biden states gun control “DOESN’T VIOLATE” 2nd Amendment because “no amendment is absolute”…. - Nine Line Apparel

“First, we want to crack down on the flow of firearms used to commit violence. That includes taking on and shutting down rogue gun dealers. It’s about doing background checks, as well as outright selling, making sure the people who are not allowed to have a gun don’t get the gun in the first place.”

“And again, for any of the press that’s listening, this doesn’t violate anybody’s Second Amendment right. There’s no violation of the Second Amendment right. There’s no amendment that’s absolute,” Biden continued. “When the amendment was passed, it didn’t say anybody could own a gun and any kind of gun and any kind of weapon. You couldn’t buy a cannon when this amendment was passed, so there’s no reason why you shouldn’t be able to buy certain assault weapons. But that’s another issue.”

This isn’t the first time President Biden has falsely claimed Americans couldn’t own a cannon when the Second Amendment was passed.

When it was ratified in 1791, there were no federal laws about the type of gun you could own, and no states limited the kind of gun you could own…

Also on Thursday, Biden referred to the Glock, a popular handgun available in the civilian market, as a “weapon of war” and said he doesn’t see why such a firearm should be allowed to be purchased.

1,005 days until the next election. Be ready, America.

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  • Randy Glasgow

    There is a reason the 2nd amendment doesn’t state what kind of gun you can and can’t own. Keep a well armed militia means whatever you have to do to prevent government from becoming to powerful you do. I fricking cannot stand this ass hat. Here is your standard career politician. Idiot!

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