Decanter and Whiskey Glass Bundle [ON SALE]
Decanter and Whiskey Glass Bundle [ON SALE]

Decanter and Whiskey Glass Bundle [ON SALE]


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Enjoy freedom sippin’ along with friends and family with this premium, Made in the USA Decanter Bundle!

Everything about this set demonstrates quality patriotic gear for your home. Featuring the 750mL Whiskey Decanter with hand-sculpted American Made craftsmanship, laser engraved maple stopper, sandblasted American flag design, all stamped off with a solid copper (lead-free) .50 BMG bullet embedded on the side. But don’t forget the rest of your patriots! Alongside our four 11oz drinking glass companions to enjoy whiskey and bourbon with friends. These also are hand-blown, Made in the USA - with a .308 bullet lodged in the glass. Bring home the most badass bundle of the year, and raise your glasses up to the USA and freedom!


  • Made in the USA glassware
  • Each bullet is CNC'd from a pure piece of copper by Lehigh Defense in Pennsylvania
  • .50 cal in Decanter; .308 cal in whiskey glasses
  • 750mL Decanter capacity; 11oz Whiskey glasses
  • Laser-etched maple stopper with Nine Line branding
  • Makes the perfect gift idea

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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Joseph Fannon
Love it

Great giving as gifts to my son and son in law. They can remember me that way when I am gone.

Beautifully crafted and very patriotic, amazing craftsmanship

I wanted to buy this last year and have had my eye on It. My daughter’s boyfriend graduated the NYPD Academy 12/29 and he is also in the Army NG. I finally bought it… for him. The look on all our faces as he took the glasses out of their boxes (great shipping). Presentation is also well thought out. And the bullet bottle openers are very Buffy lol. Happy to give you my purchase and I will be back soon, if not for this for more shirts z!

Bill K
Love It

Awesome whiskey glasses and decanter, I have wanted this for some time and finally bought it and glad I did. Yet another QUALITY American made product. God bless you all @nineline and god bless America!!🇺🇸

Perfect Gift!

I purchased this set for my other half! He absolutely loves them! We have had the set for 2 months now and he is always showing them off when someone comes over. My only “issue” is I am disappointed the glasses did not have the American flag on it but that is my fault for not paying attention to the difference in the bundle vrs not buying the bundle.

Deborah Deauseault
Gorgeous and American made

Love these, USA made and absolutely gorgeous. Bday gift for hubby.