Enlisted Nine Fight Company

Enlisted Nine Fight Company is an active-duty-owned clothing brand. It was founded in 2013 by two Senior NCO’s and a military spouse. The trio embarked on the arduous task of developing a lifestyle brand that would not only give veterans, their families, and patriotic Americans a way to express their love for our Armed Forces, Country, and fighting, but also provide an affordable, high quality product in doing so.

From humble beginnings selling apparel from the trunk of their car - all the way to a long-term partnership with Nine Line Apparel - the team has truly created their version of the American Dream. Although they remain rather reticent about it, the company's philanthropic spirit is evident with all of the support they provide to the veteran and local communities. With over 50 years of combined active duty service and military community outreach, Enlisted Nine Fight Company applies the same core values they have carried throughout their lives, into their brand. As a Gold Star owned business, Enlisted Nine Fight Company has vowed to always represent our fallen service members with distinction, and continue celebrating the lives they lived!