Enlisted Nine Fight Company

People often ask, “What is meant by the Enlisted Nine?”.... The Enlisted Nine represents those who are at the points of friction in their professions and lives, where the rubber meets the road, the blue collar types, the ones kickin’ in doors and winnin’ wars, snappin’ necks and cashing checks! THAT is who we pay homage to when we fly the Enlisted Nine Fight Company shield & banner!

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When we started the arduous task of developing a grass roots lifestyle/ fighting brand, we did so with the aforementioned people at the forefront of our minds. Our philanthropic spirit is regularly shown with all we give back to our communities, although we do not look for any recognition or spotlight for it. Growing to over 1,000,000 people who have joined our movement, winning the toughest tournament in Combat Sports History, being showcased on several network television shows, in NASCAR and everywhere in between.

That brings us to Enlisted Nine Fight Company - HQ and our outstations in Virginia, Maryland, North Carolina, Texas, Cuba and Puerto Rico where we are building an elite family of likeminded professionals on and off the mats and in and out of uniform. This is only the beginning for all of us at #E9FC as we continue to build upon a brand that will make a positive impact on the world in so many facets.