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🇺🇸 Unique products and designs delivered to your doorstep every month

🇺🇸 Access to the Member Exclusive Access Page

🇺🇸 Early access to unreleased products

🇺🇸 Monthly deals only available to Members

🇺🇸 Chance to win the monthly Golden Bullet Prize

How the Patriots Club Works:

Past Golden Bullet Partners:


Patriots Club is the best way to get the Nine Line Apparel that we all know and love shipped straight to your door every month. Get your hands on exclusive designs and goodies never released to the public! This monthly subscription service allows you to display your patriotism loud and proud for our freedom-loving country. All apparel is screen printed, packed, and shipped directly to you right here in the good ole US of A.

Easy. Why pay $26 (or more) for a shirt, $5 for a sticker, $3 for a koozie, plus taxes, shipping, and handling all separately when you can get all this and more for just $19.99 per month? Plus, you get early access to unreleased products, access to our Member Exclusive Access Page, monthly deals and discounts sent to your email, and the chance to win the Golden Bullet every month. It's a no-brainer. 

The Golden Bullet is a monthly chance to win huge prizes from a third party company that has offered to serve as our Golden Bullet Partner. In the past, we have given away thousands of dollars worth of prizes (including weapons) from household names like Glock, Maglite, Kill Cliff, and more. Remember, the winner is chosen at random. Be sure to check your package every month for a Golden Bullet! (it's literally a gold .50 cal bottle opener)

Just click on any of the links below! Select a size, select a gender, provide a few payment details, and let us know where to send it. We'll handle the rest.

While month-to-month has been a recent favorite, many Patriot's Club Members opt for a 3, 6, or 12-month subscription. That way you don't have to deal with a pesky recurring fee, and you actually save even more money (a 12-month sign-up averages $18.42 per month instead of $19.99). Whatever works best for you!

If you opt for the month-to-month, you'll be charged on the 1st of every month. Apparel is printed during the first week of the month, and all packages will ship no later than the 9th. 

While the option is always available, we highly encourage you to stick around so you don't miss out. The products that go into your Patriots Club package are always changing. In the past, we've sent out hoodies, moisture-wicking shirts, drinkware, and more. If you ever feel overwhelmed, call us and let us know that you want to skip a month. Alternatively, you can change up the shirt size and start stocking up for Christmas. You can never have too much Nine Line Apparel for friends and family!

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