Medal Of Honor Recipient: William Lawley Jr. - Nine Line Apparel
On February 20, 1944, First Lieutenant William Lawley Jr of the United States Army Air Corps was serving as a B-17 pilot over Europe. While on a bombardment mission, 20 enemy fighter planes attacked his bomber, leaving his plane crippled....
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Medal of Honor recipient Thomas J. Kinsman - Nine Line Apparel
February 6, 1968 - Specialist Fourth Class Thomas J. Kinsman receives the Medal of Honor. Sp4c Kinsman served as a rifleman with the 3-60th Infantry during the Vietnam War. His company was moving up a narrow canal on armored troop...
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Four Chaplains Day - Nine Line Apparel
    Four Chaplains Day recognizes four Army chaplains who came together onboard a sinking ship to calm passengers by singing hymns, praying, and helping organize an orderly evacuation. In 1943 the U.S.A.T. Dorchester set sail across the Atlantic with...
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