Betsy Ross

In Greek mythology, Nike was the goddess of victory, symbolized as a divine charioteer, flying over the battlefield to reward the victors. When it comes to symbolism, is there a more quintessential representation of the American Spirit than the Betsy Ross flag? A symbol of victory and independence, Old Glory represents the birth of our great country as a sovereign nation and the humble roots of the colonies that these 13 stars represent. We find it disgusting that Nike, a company named after the Goddess of victory, would be so easily swayed into a false narrative that an iconic patriotic symbol of America’s independence now somehow – over 200 years later - holds racial and divisive undertones. The social commentary that Nike is trying to impose on this symbol just shows how dismissive they are of the principles that our country was founded on and how out of touch they are with the values of the American public. We at Nine Line are still standing true to our patriotic values, and we encourage the American people to stand with us to make their voices heard. #NoToNike